Head Games: Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies

As the name implies, Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies by AdultSwim.com is a solid platforming/action game in which you play as Cody Durkin, a "misfit survivalist with violent tendencies" whose newfound mission in life is to kick the gooey stuffing out of a horde of... well, radioactive teddy bear zombies (among other creatures such as rabbits, horse heads, elephants and a few T-Rex) When a strange outbreak hits the local Friendly Hugs Plush factory, Cody's father (Sheriff Durkin) is dispatched to investigate. Mysteriously, Sheriff Durkin doesn't return and now a horde of mutated, puss-riden plush monsters have invaded the city. Being the tough tyke that he is, Cody ventures into town to set things straight and rescue his father.

Aside from these anchor points, I have to admit that I didn't follow too much of the story as I was having much more fun blasting apart these hideous, stuffed freaks with an assortment of guns, flame throwers and rocket launchers. You'll soon discover that the "how" and "why" rationale of these weapons being "left behind," along with tons of gold coins, aren't really relevant to the zombie smashing fun. In face, having clocked in at just under 2-3 hours of gameplay I can't really even remember what caused the outbreak to begin with. However, I do know that it's a lot of fun to see an overgrown, zombied cat explode into bits after you nail it with a few well-placed shot of your maxed-out heat seeking rockets.

Although I try to avoid playing games online for the simple fact that they often encroach on more important matters (such as work), Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies proved to provide just enough playability without become addictive that I could enjoy it over my lunch and still set it aside afterwards. The controls are relatively simple for someone with a PC as it utilizes both the keypad and mouse, but much less user-friendly to someone with a laptop. That minor complaint aside, the game is a really fun throwback for fans of either the NES and SNES consoles and I'd be willing to wager it could hold its own on next-gen marketplaces XBOX 360 Live and Playstation 3 Network if given an extended cut.


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