NEW Monster Cereals and Halloween Decor

Velcome to my par-lor.

This past weekend my girlfriend, our daughter and I went shopping for, among science projects and groceries, Halloween decorations. Having visited a number of stores over the past week or so I must admit to being a bit let down by the lack of emphasis for the holiday on store shelves. This weekend's excursion, however, has greatly lifted my spirits (pun totally intended) and we even snagged a few, cool goodies that I'll be rolling out as the Halloween Countdown continues.

Living from apartment to apartment for the past few years, we don't really have a lot of nice decorations to spread around the house so the television has become somewhat of a central point of decor activity (see above). I like to think of it as the shrine at which I worship the celluloid monster gods or yesteryear. This year we've added some new table trinkets including a large skull candle that bleeds out of its eyes after a certain point (see insert) and some neat mini light-up jack 'o' lanterns.

Perhaps the highlight of this year so far, though, has to be the discovery of the BRAND NEW Monster Cereal boxes from General Mills (thanks, Johnny)! Honestly I believe these new designs are the best yet and they lend themselves perfectly to the comics featured on the back side of each box or... dare I dream it, a new animated commercial? One can only hope.

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    You know, at first glance I thought you'd decorated around a framed poster. It looks really awesome!

    Cool find with the monster cereal!

  1. AllHallowSteve said...:

    Love seeing your shrine. Funny, we're got limited decorations too and have made one point in the place the "focus" (the front arched window).

    Still gotta find the monster cereals myself!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Kinderscares: Haha, thanks!

    @AllHallowSteve: It's weird, but I kind of like having one "hub" of Halloween activity with sprinklings around the house. Though, once we settled down and get a house, it's going to be decked out!

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