New 'Splatterhouse' Art, Alternative Terror Masks PLUS New Footage

Well it seems that Namco still has some sneak freaks left for us Splatter-fans in preparation of the upcoming release on November 23rd. Perhaps the most exciting news being that there will apparently be alternative Terror Masks that you can unlock as depicted in the screenshots below. Alternative masks?! How freaking awesome!! It seems as though they're even referencing some of the original concept for the masks as well.

And if that's not enough to send you shrieking into the night like an excited lemming, Fearnet has some new footage with Dan Tovar discussing the game's Splatterkill system (see above) AND Namco has also released details about a Survival Arenas. According the official press release these are
unlockable 20 rounds of unending horror which enable players to take on ever increasing waves of grotesque monsters in a test of endurance and strength. Players start off with full health and an empty Necro Meter and must slay their way past each round, building their Necro Energy, purchasing Necro Moves, and relying on the Splatter Siphon healing ability.

Check out the new character art and screenshots below and make sure to click and enlarge them to see each and every glorious gory pixel.



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