Splatterhouse Vixen Jennifer Willis "Revealed" in Playboy Spread

UPDATE: For the full view of Jennifer's spread in addition to Playboy's review of the game, visit Playboy.com

So you think one Splatterhouse update is enough? Think again! Yours truly was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Playboy's latest cross promotion for game heads with a full page spread featuring none other than Namco's Splatterhouse lade in distress: Jennifer Willis.

Although I can't show the full spread here due to the variety of age groups that hang out at the clubhouse, you can check it out in the December issue of Playboy magazine on stands now. And let me tell you... if you're a fan of video games and beautiful women, it's well worth the price of admission. Really a precursor to the often lauded bonus material available in the new game in which players can collect fragments of Jennifer's "all natural" auteur self portraits, this promotion is sure to stir the blood(flow) in any diehard Splatterhouse fan. What I can share, however, is Jennifer's bio page which offers a few references to the horror genre for the eagle-eyed fan. Yes, Rick's main squeeze sure has come a long way from being that 8-bit brunette we all remember way back when.

Wonder if this means she's legal now...

(click image to enlarge)


  1. Eerie Erik said...:

    Wow. I wish they did this with more video game vixens! That'd be sweeeeeeeeet.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I wouldn't mind seeing a few more gaming hotties make an appearance. Didn't Bloodrayne do a spread way back when?

  1. Wowzers. I'm speechless. I certainly do wish they did this with more video game vixens. I for one would LOVE to see Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series (well, maybe just the first entry). Love the post!

  1. I didn't even catch that the iguana's name was SAVINI. FUCKING AWESOME!!

  1. Andrew said...:

    funny, this pics shown up on a few blogs cropped slightly differently. this site shows the most boob. good job!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Andrew: What can I say... wish I could show the whole thing, but the least I could do was offer a bit of nipple. ;)

  1. Andrew said...:

    you're a classy guy.

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