dARk HOurs Episode 17: HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati (2010)

Horrorhound Weekend recently took place in Cincinatti this past November and Grey has the report STRAIGHT from the floor. Enjoy coverage of Halloween 4 and Reanimator panels; thrill to an Infinite Santa presentation; and learn about the secrets behind the infamous grindhouse classic, Maniac.

Meet new and exciting people and learn about interesting podcasts. It's all here for you and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own state! Consider it a primer for making your own plans to attend Horrorhound in Indianapolis next year!

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The dark and mysterious Grey is the creator and co-host of the Dark Hours Horror Podcast. The Dark Hours is an exploration of cult cinema from yesterday and today. Each episode is packed with sound clips, horror movie music and contributions from listeners. Segments include The Dark Cut, Dark Detour, Kill the 80s, Girls of Horror and more.


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