dARk Minutes: Do You Walk or Run, Forida Possum?

Grey returns with a zombie infested edition of his dARk Minutes podcast feature (located on the left sidebar). This time Grey is joined by renowned author and extraordinary Canadian, Florida Possum. Together they embark on a journey across borders to explore the zombie phenomenon in France and then Germany. Is this trip worth your time? Tune in to find out.


Also be sure to check out the awesome, action-packed web series Infinite Santa 8000 by Burnt Reindeer Films. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, "everyone must kill to survive, even Santa." There's mad scientists, cyborgs and (of course) Santa all wrapped in an ultra-violent sci-fi bow.

The dark and mysterious Grey is the creator and co-host of the Dark Hours Horror Podcast. The Dark Hours is an exploration of cult cinema from yesterday and today. Each episode is packed with sound clips, horror movie music and contributions from listeners. Segments include The Dark Cut, Dark Detour, Kill the 80s, Girls of Horror and more.


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