Kicking off Christmas with the Crypt Keeper

"Make the Yule time gross and gnarly..."

Start your engines! Today marks the first day of December and the beginning of many "25 Days Of" style countdowns on televisions to remind us of the impending awesomeness that will ensue. AMC has been broadcasting Scrooged with a 4-night marathon, CBS aired Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer last night on prime time, and it won't be long before TBS brings the season home (ad nauseum) with 48 hours of A Christmas Story.

While all of that is good and well for about 90% of the general population, what you may ask does Christmas offer the non-conformist? Well, as luck would have it, there's the creeptastic caroling of John Kassir as the Cryptkeeper, whose holiday-themed album Have Yourself Scary Little Christmas includes such classics as Deck the Halls with Parts of Charlie, 'Twas the Fright Before Christmas, and my personal fave Revenge of the Cryptkeeper. Released way back in 1994 I had completely forgotten about this lost little gem until I saw a promo for it mischievously thrown in at the end of a sixth season Tales from the Crypt episode (see above).

No longer is production the CD now runs anywhere between $30 and $80 online depending on whether its a Used or New copy. However, in the spirit of giving, Strange Kid would like to share his very own copy with all of his fellow clubhouse members!

Just click here to download the entire album.

If that's not enough, we've also got the entire short comic, All Through the House, which was reprinted in the CD booklet as a bonus. Enjoy, go forth, and be... "scary."

All content that is being made available for download is done so under the belief that it is no longer in production or is otherwise unavailable for retail sale in its original format. However, no one is perfect so if a copyright dispute arises, please contact me immediately and the content in question will be removed.


  1. What a treat! Always fun to read the comics again. Gotta love those crypt tunes too ;) Love the post. Definitely got me in the mood to begin my countdown to Christmas. Now I can begin my work day with a huge smile on my face.

  1. D.M.Cunningham said...:

    Sure to have a bloody good Christmas now!! This is fantastic. I had this CD and it vanished, sigh. Now I am happy again. Thanks SK!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Happy to bring a little enjoyment to your horroridays! It's definitely getting me ready for some Santa-themed slayings. ;)

  1. Dex1138 said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Dex1138 said...:

    Nice! I didn't know about the comic.

    There are a couple of Halloween/X-Mas crossovers out there to get you in the Creepmas spirit.
    In addition to compilations put together by some webizens, I've got a couple of vinyl rips I've found over the years if you'd like to share them.
    Merry Monster Christmas
    Monster Christmas Mash

    And of course, you can't leave out Krampus!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    For sure, Dex! Send 'em my way and I'll be sure to spread your Ghoultide offerings to the rest of the clubhouse.

  1. Ghoulie said...:

    Wow, I absolutely love this. Now I don't have to be tortured by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra any more!

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