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Halloween seems to come a little earlier each year and this time we here at ghosLAB DS are going to do it right with a two-month long celebration, counting down with hidden gems, fiendish curiosities and new creature features straight from the pen of Creepseed himself.

First up we have "Spooky" from the Beanie Buddies Collection who I uncovered from the dusty shelf of a dollar bin at a local Goodwill. Say hello "Spooky":

Next is...oh no! It seems I have slipped and cut myself...

...didn't buy it huh? Well I did, its from the Horribly Happy Halloween collection, a "real looking, instant costume that's all the rage." Perhaps it would work better with hair.


  1. rottingrushton said...:

    what fiendish delight my friend!! looks like you've got things in order. sometime soon im heading to the graveyard for a photo shoot. break out the white sheets and scissors! it's time to make some magic.

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