ghoulish grab bag of goodness

ok, so I needed to grab some sweet treats to celebrate the completion of a few recent client projects by sending them gift bags and decided to do them right with a trip to the ever-evolving one stop halloween heaven of The Dollar Tree. Here's what I came out with:

Monstaz Gumrolls
The "staz" makes them cool for gangstas to chew too! These Bubble Tape rip-offs came in three spooktacular packaging selections: mummy, pumpkin and eyeball. I chose the coolest of the three: Purple Pharoah.

The gum itself looks like an elongated tongue with a slight hint of some mysterious fruit. Unfortunately it seems like the manufacturer used leftover baseball trading card gum stock as this schlock dissapates within seconds of hitting the tongue, turning into shreds of flavorless paper flakes.

Iced Halloween Pops
Now is it just me or does this treat's ghostly avatar resemble a certain ghostbusting trademark? Hm? Hm? Anyway, this orange themed candy offers three distinct halloween icons: a ghost, pumpkin and bat. The white coating instantly disappears upon inserting this sucker into your oral cavity, which I can live with do to the fact that it tastes pretty darn good. No quite a "flavor" per se, it has a sugar-induced pop-gasm.

Jelly Pumpkins
What's better than a jack o' lantern that fiendishly grins at you with yellow eyes peering from the shadows? One filled with real fruit juice goodness! And 0g fat! Golly, Beaver, don't tell mom. Another candy standard modified for the Halloween season, these delectible morsels or essentially a cheap version of the sugar-coated Orange Slices that you see at the gas station... except not quite as good. Although I enjoy the fact that they're shaped like tiny pumpkins, it tastes as if they are pure sugar and are less chewy than mushy.


Squeeze Skull
Not much to say about these fellas, they're your standard gross-out squeeze skulls like the million made before them complete with flies, maggots, rats and fake blood in their flexible cranium. The only thing worth mentioning with these is that the blue one (see left) seems to favor the cartoon version of a certain Cryptkeeper. Other than that... eh.


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