the great pumpkin.

No Halloween would ever be complete without at least one viewing of the classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" and so it was with great delight that I found this little ghoulish goodie at a local CVS pharmacy along with a rather disappointingly tangy treat, Wonka Sweettarts Squeeze Cherry Gooey Blood (hereto known as WSSCGB).

A relatively cheap gift, good ole' Mr. Brown comes complete with a mask, ghost sheet costume and spooky pumpkin whose face spin to change from black to... orange? Sooo it really only has one color. Weird. Anyway its still a neat little item and the perfect pillowcase treasure item.

On the other hand, WSSCGB, whose full name alone is enough to cause random outbursts of Oompa Loompa heightly challenged frustration, was found along with the usual assortment of grab bag candies. Labeled as cherry GOOEY BLOOD, this tangy toothpaste-like substance is anything but gooey― or bloody. Instead it resembles a glistening dark pink paste that putrudes from the tube like edible Playdoh. And while the taste accurately captures the sweetness of its namesake its just another shameless Halloween wannabe.


  1. dude...
    i am seriously jonesin right now. the blog is looking ghoulishly grotesque!! i am going to start some stuff on Rotting Rushton soon. I love what you have posted though. the charlie brown has me in all sorts of fits haha. i cannot wait until halloween. it's going to be insane!!

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