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Nothing really Halloween-themed this time 'round, but I did want to share this interview with a good friend and client, Troy Heard from the Chattahoochee Shakespeare Co. here in Columbus, Ga. as he talks about the usage of "grass" in popular entertainment culture:

Reefer Madness Interview


  1. elliott said...:

    My friendly creepster,
    how goes it? long time no update. same on my end too i suppose.
    anyways, i was gettin all nostalgic and shizzit and decided to come check out the 'ol creepseed neighba-hood. kinda makes me miss last october already even though the halloween spirits were kinda...absent. halloween night was pretty rockin though. anywhooter...just wanted to say i love ya. miss ya. wanna feel ya. good luck with the move to montgomery.

  1. manbehindthemask said...:

    Yeah, dude. I've been struggling ever since New Year. Don't know why, just can't get it straight. Guess I need a dose of The Willies. Its sucked not having anyone to hang with that can respect the creepage.

    Guess I just have to keep the crayons lit at night.
    Glo-worm baby, glow.

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