"Who you gonna call?"

I'm a little disappointed that I haven't been able to keep up with the countdown to Halloween like I had promised myself I would so... I figured that I may as well come back strong with this post so I have a trio of treacherous terrors in store for you all based on the Ghostbusters franchise! As you'll see above the first treat comes to you via The Angry Video Game Nerd who for one reason or another I cannot seem to stop watching even though the games he reviews are utter garbage. Its liking watching a train wreck in slow motion except you can pause it when you need to take a piss.


I can recall as a kid biting my nails in anticipation of roaming the storefronts for the coolest, creepiest Halloween costume on the block and although my mother would have a different opinion of what could be considered "kid-appropriate" there was always one thing we could agree on, the Ghostbusters were the shit! Who wouldn't want to stand next to Venkman and Egon as they faced down a horde of hungry ghosts?!

So it was to my great delight that I happened upon the merchantile monster of the franchise while strolling down the aisles of Wal-Mart and discovered variety of Ghostbuster-themed accesories that were a must for any true bad-ass ghost-busting 9 year old.

Running on 2 'C' batteries, the GhostZapper which then projected a variety of 6 different ghouls onto the surface it was directed. Granted, it made some kind of alarm noise and there was a button to make the ghosts appear to move, but there never was any real way to "zap" the damn things. Fortunately, I was prepared...

The Ghost Popper

Basically a predecessor to the Nerf line of NRA-approved kids toys, the Ghost Popper came with 6-7 yellow foam bullets(?) that could be fired at ghosts, monsters and the neighbor's cat. But wait, did the Ghostbusters even use bullets? Oh well, I guess a nuclear-powered gun would be a little overkill for your ordinary child.


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