Its getting better all the time.

So, I'm in a little better mood than during my previous post most likely due to the fact that I've been playing Resident Evil 5 for the past week or so. Yes, that's right, I scored a Region Free version of this "so-awesome-its-ridiculous" game all the way from Asia... and it rocks!

Though I miss the Frankenstein-esque village and cultish atmosphere of RE:4, Resident Evil 5 excudes a very similar gameplay experience making it easy to relearn from the 4th installment. The "zombies" are also similar of the Ganados, who are even referenced by Chris (the main character) as being included in "The Kennedy Files."

I've only played two the first 2-3 parts of chapter one, finding that for me slower is better as any more play time than a hour leaves me drenched in sweat in places I didn't even know sweated.

Oh, I guess I could post some new art as well. Nothing ground-breaking, but here's an illustration of a pig eating himself and an eerie, happy burger.




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