New "Lonesome" Character Designs

This past weekend proved to be productive as I was able to complete two new character boards for Lonesome After Midnight: Rotting Rushton, Vlad, and Satan. (Yes, Satan. As in Lord of Shadows... Emperor of Flies... Hot Dog Eating Champ of 2005).

As Lord of the Netherworld (see left), Satan is a demonic imp who feasts on the flesh of the dead and generally goes around causing all sorts of desctruction and mayhem. Suffering from a napoleon complex, he overcompensates by seeking to overtake the world with his demon horde... if only he could conquer the graveyard first.

His consort, Vlad, on the other hand is a timid, docile vegetarian demon who hates to get dirty and is easily frightened by small woodland animals. He prefers to terrorize the local foilage and shurbs.

Rotting Rushton (featured above) was a collaborative effort with friend and fellow illustrator Elliot McHugh.

A member of the undead coalition of zombie activists, Rotting Rushton has become a self appointed leader of sorts in their battle against Satan and his unquenchable appetite for zombie flesh. As a zombie, he doesn't say much other than "Braaiiinss," but when you see that twitch in his eye you know he's fired up... or maybe another fly got stuck in his eye socket.


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