(Re)Animations: County Ghost

Whether its a spook, specter or spirit, ghosts have found a way to haunt our imagination time and again in print, film and animation. Sometimes the imagination they haunt just happens to belong to a talented, creative individual such as Mike Geiger.

A veteran of Ren & Stimpy and Total Drama Island, Geiger's most recent production is a web series entitled County Ghost. With four webisodes to date, Geiger has been quick to establish a slapstick sense of humor of the Coyote/Roadrunner ilk that results in something far more entertaining (and kid-safe) than his previous work, Cuddle Sticks.

At about 3 minutes a piece, each Flash-produced websiode of County Ghost gives us a glimpse into the life of a short country bumpkin as he struggles to get rid of a pesky ghost that has taken a liking to haunting his home. With a lack of dialogue the show relies heavily on physical gags and sound effects to deliver its rather entertaining punchline.

For more webisodes, check out www.countyghost.com and to learn more about its creator, Mike Geiger, visit his sketchbook blog.


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