Creative Spotlight: Piece of Me, Piece of You

George Romero once said: zombies are the blue-collared monsters [of filmland]. This observation goes a long way to account for their vast popularity which has seen them gnaw, claw and dance their way into our hearts (sometimes literally) through virtually every media format. There's zombie postcards, zombie posters, books on zombies, zombie costumes, even zombie-flavored curd nuggets (okay, maybe that one is a little too gross). The point is, if you genetically fused the DNA of a zombie with Mickey Mouse... well, we'd all be screwed. For me, though, it wasn't until Micheal Jackson's Thriller (1982) that the undead truly became pop culture icons, infesting households with their herky-jerky dance moves and slack-jaw good looks.

Lurching forward in that tradition, California- based 3 Legged Legs short film Piece of Me, Piece of You features a cast of stylized zombie puppets rampaging through streets to the beat of electrofunk (courtesy of Chromeo). Developed for digital entertainment giant Zune as part of a film series promotion, Piece of Me, Piece of You's frantic beat, clever camera work, and After Effects post-production makes it a stand out addition. Character designer Andrew Hem, along with artists Adam Parker Smith and Carolyn Salas, also deserve recognition for their part in bring these freaknut personalities to life.

For more information on the development process (sketches, storyboards and photos) behind Piece of Me, Piece of You, please check out 3 Legged Legs site.


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