Countdown to Halloween 2009

Its only a week away and the anticipation is building for a month-long dedication to that one day of the year when strange things are no longer strange and monsters are celebrated among mankind.

You may have noticed this new banner has been added to the site (see insert) in an attempt to promote the efforts of a handful of individuals who are looking to make the road to Halloween 2009 the best one ever. Countdown to Halloween (conceived by fellow bloggers Shawn Robare, Jon K, and John Rozum) is a site/blog dedicated to collecting the countless disparate blogs out there whose withered hearts begin to spasm like the chorus of a hundred worms during this time of year. The weather is starting to cool down, the nights are getting longer and the fright is aplenty.

For more information on how you can submit your blog to their list, or to view a preliminary sampling of the sites already featured, check out their site: Countdown to Halloween.


  1. skinny insect said...:

    I'M SO FREAKIN PUMPED MAN!!!! Come October 1st you and I must speak on the phone and discuss a list. On this list will be the movies we plan to watch together when we kick it in the next few weeks. WOO HOO!

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    You got it buddy! I figure we have at least enough time for 8-7 good films and then 1-2 fillers for when the "ghoul juice" kicks in, haha.

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