Head Games: Orphan Feast

Orphan Feast, created by Robox Studios, is a modern-day Grimm's Fairytale in the form of a browser platforming game. You play as Creaky Tom, cannibalistic, moral-deprived vagabond hired by the insidious Oliver Twisted to capture, cook and devour the poverty-stricken denizens of the streets for Twisted's meat pie factory.

Developed for AdultSwim.com this "twisted tale of culinary perversion" fits right in with the brand's eccentric (if not irreverent) sense of humor, debauchery and juvenile enthusiasm. As with other entries into the AdultSwim.com catalog, Orphan Feast boasts creative character design, intuitive gameplay and simplistic plotline. As Creaky Tom you are tasked with capturing as many orphans as your sack can hold while clobbering, bludgeoning and evading the numerous Bobbies, thugs, obese prostitutes that litter the city.

The interface is kept clean with a minimal amount of appropriately designed elements (such as an anatomical heart that withers according to your health status and a vintage record player for sound control) and while the difficulty level increases significantly as the game progresses, the first few levels are entertaining and well-paced. For a quick feast... er, fix, of orphan munching action check out [adult swim] games.


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