The Adventures of Pete and Pete: Halloweenie

As a child of the late 80s/early 90s, I grew up with a great assortment a fledgling entertainment by emerging networks Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Both mainstays in today's culture, these cable network powerhouses can both find their humble beginnings in the minds eye of many a younger days. But while CN initially relied on reruns of classic animation, Nickelodeon brought a plethora of original content to American airwaves. Among these morsels were such great programming as Mr. Wizard's World, Count Duckula, Clarissa Explains it All, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Though its now seen as the house that Spongebob built, Nickelodeon owes a great deal to these pioneers of pubescent entertainment.

In particular, The Adventures of Pete and Pete had a profound effect on me. A precursor to shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Pete and Pete focused on two brothers, the neighborhood in which they lived, and the mischievous antics that would ensue. What made this show work for me was how insanely close it reflected my own life and how genuine the camerawork was, even during the more surreal moments of the story. But as with too many things, my memories of the Wrigley brothers was left behind as I grew up. Until, that is, I just happened to hear a song today by a band called Polaris entitled Waiting for October. No sooner did I hear this did memories of Pete and Pete come creeping merrily back into my skull. You see, Polaris was the [un]official band of the show who recorded many of the songs featured therein including the theme song Hey Sandy.

So I figured that I would celebrate the occasion by tonight's feature fright none other than the Pete and Pete Halloween special: Halloweenie. Split into four parts, the entire episode can be seen above (they'll play one after the other) or you can catch them on YouTube.

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