Creative Spotlight: Doritos Asylum 626

For the few of those that know me, I'm not a huge fan of product placement (mostly because it works all too well.) As someone who works within the advertising industry I try my best to stay as far away from it as possible when not producing it. The exception to this rule is during October, when the majority of media moguls descend upon the masses with their Halloween-themed campaigns.

This year in particular, though, has been a slow year for Halloween advertisements (presumably due to the economy), with the exception of the Mars Candy's Million Dollar Haunted Mansion and Doritos Asylum 626. Emerging from the crypt for another year (last year it was Hotel 626), the campaign is credited to advertising giant Goodby, Silverstein & Partners with post-production by B-Reel. Apparently the interactive experience is only active from 6pm until 6am to increase the scare factor, so I haven't had an opportunity to succumb to the shriek-inducing immersion quite yet. The site utilizes your webcam, microphone and "an augmented-reality marker" located on speciality marked bags to place you inside a virtual horror film.

A tip from DigitalBuzz: If you want to play the game in during the day time you can change the clock on your computer and try again.

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