The Tiffany Problem

There are those out there who insist that Halloween is an age-oriented holiday, not meant for the "sophistication" of adulthood. To those people I say bah! Do you hear me Ms. Henderson from down the lane? Bah! There's no feeling in the world that can compare to going door to door with your friends in pursuit of peculiarly named tricks and/or treats... except maybe sex, but that's another post.

Written and directed by Adam Green, this 2007 short film stars Joel Moore as Sam Hane (get it Samhain), a grown man preparing for a night of trick or treating with his buds when his wife Tiffany (Corri English) decides that he's too old. Bad move. Like a minisode of Tales from the Crypt, Tiffany soon gets her last desert.

For more Halloween shorts by filmmaker Adam Green and his crew, be sure to check out Ariescope Pictures.

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