Creative Spotlight: Santa Goes South

Now I know what you're thinking: geez Santa Claus already, give that fat bastard a rest at least until after Halloween and I couldn't agree more. For years that jolly red giant and his peppermint poison has crept closer and closer to our October store shelves, threatening to bludgeon our beloved Halloween into submission, but no more! No, my friends, this is a Santa of our own... a SANTASTEIN! Lurking deep within his desolate shop of horrors, this is a not-so-jolly creature we can truly take monstrous pride in. Just watch as his skeletal minions toil tirelessly over torture devices for all the naughty little children.

Released in 2006 during the Tribeca Film Festival, this three-minute stop motion narrative was directed by Peter Wallach, whose special effects work includes Little Shop of Horrors and Joe's Apartment, and produced by Atlantic Motion. Just like its predecessor (Nightmare Before Christmas), Santa Goes South is the kind of film that falls on the razors edge of a Halloween haunt and Christmas carol. Time to break out the apple cider.

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