Creative Spotlight: Jones Soda

Jones Soda Halloween 2009

For the past couple of years Jones Pure Cane Soda has released a series of Halloween themed, sugar-charged soda. Sold exclusively at Target retailers this year's offering remains untouched from last year with four fearsome flavors available for your thirst-quencing pleasure: Lemon Drop Dead, Spooookiwi, Candy Corn, Buried Pomegranate.

Since I've never been tempted to taste these diabolical concoctions, my admiration resides mostly in the packaging design. A drastic shift from the 2006/2007 editions which were more of a jack o' lantern theme, this newer design by SUPERBIG creative has much more of a Mad Monster Party vibe. The wolfman in particular makes me think of Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox.


  1. Glen said...:

    My friends and I make it a point to try all the holiday Jones Soda flavors every year, especially the gross ones.

    By far the worst flavor we've tried was brussels sprout, which I believe was part of a Thanksgiving pack that also included turkey and stuffing flavors.

    It was so amazingly didn't even taste like a soda, it tasted very organic like you were drinking snot. Myself and another friend couldn't eat the entire next next day because of how gross it was, and we only drank a shot glass sized amount.

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    That's hilarious... tragic, but hilarious. I've always been too afraid to try them since I've heard similar horror stories.

    The closest thing I could compare it to is a shot of J&B. Sweet lord, that stuff would strip the lead paint off a 1950s Virginia townhouse.

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