(Re)Animations: When Monsters Meet

With the arrival of Halloween in just a few short hours, I am satisfied to have met surpassed my goal of 31 posts in 31 days. In favor of something more predictable I have chosen to celebrate by sharing this (Re)Animation of Incredible Hulk (1980s) entitled When Monsters Meet.

As with Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Quasimodo (aka The Hunchback) is a fairly obscure movie monster that has suffered from some poor marketing. Often confused with Dr. Frankenstein's squat sidekick, Igor, Quasimodo's literary origins in fact predate many of the more popular monsters including Dracula and the Wolfman. He also suffers one of the crueler fates because unlike other creatures of the night, his affliction is neither mystical nor scientific in nature.

When Monsters Meet eloquently illustrates this as the great, great, great grandson of Quasimodo (its based on a comic after all) desires a cure for his full-time malformation while Bruce Banner/Hulk is able to make a transition between monster and man almost at will as a result of science. Its an interesting scenario that's of course conveniently solved within the show's 30 minute timeframe. Also, there's a giant bat monster so... bonus points.

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