(Re)Animations: Cartoon Network [Spain] Halloween 08

While the Halloween spirit struggles to reach the echelon of network television and mega-chain department stores, we reach back to 2008 when Cartoon Network's Spain Division gave American television a run for its money with its Halloween station ID. Much more interesting than the transparent attempt made by Cartoon Network proper this year (Scare, Scare Scaresday... really?!), Spain's ID displays a love for its theme that pays homage to some great films and characters of horror's hallowed history.

With character designs by Maroto, cleanup and textures by Paulo Mosca (his blog is amazing) and post-production by Madrid-based motion graphics studio Tricefalo, this terrifyingly tasty creation is a worthwhile addition to anyone's candy-corn induced Halloween fanfare. The creative team did a terrific job in utilizing the station's prime animated shows, twisting them into horrific hybrids of mainstream culture that are fun and spooky all at once. Each character is depicted in their "signature style," yet feel as if they belong to the same world thanks to the textures and cohesive background design.

I encourage to check out more of their character designs here as well as their individual work.

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  1. BambinoMonkey said...:

    Hi dudes, thanks a lot for the review!! You have a really cool blog!!

  1. Paulo Mosca said...:

    Hey, this blog is really freak!! We like it!!!

    And thanks too for the review!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Hey guys, thanks for stopping by the 'ole clubhouse! I'm glad you're digging the site- great work btw! I'd like to feature more of it, perhaps an interview is in order?

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