(Re)Animations: Tim Hope's Wolfman

Since its reception into mainstream culture in 1941 the legend of the Wolfman undergone a myriad of interpretations (both macabre and meek). However, I've never seen any quite as surreal or insightful as animation director Tim Hope's award-winning, creative concoction. Born from a fusion of 2D/3D animation techniques, its not long until the resulting flat-space world literally explodes into a spastic fervor of sound and color as its main character (an astronomer) transforms into "a man dog, a hairy person" who can punch through the sun. Yes, that's right. Punch through the freakin' sun! Like Little Mac on crack high. Don't worry, its not you or your Kool-aid, this short film has a flavor all its own that is assisted by experimental layers of grinding noise and dialog.

Though it was later disemboweled (4 minutes of the intro were removed) by TBWA London producer Graham Cappi for a PS2 commercial, the short must be seen in all its 6 minute glory to be fully appreciated. Hope has since gone on to achieve a great deal of success with Passion Pictures (an independent production studio in Europe), directing music videos for Coldplay and One Giant Leap.

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