Creative Spotlight: Barf Comics

So what do road kill and kittens have in common? Jim Callahan of course! Yes, its true, your lifelong dream of seeing giant octopussies attacking pirate ninjas and wolves bursting through wizards' chests has come to fruition thanks to one spectacular illustrator and self-proclaimed degenerate.

Drawing from skateboard culture and comics, Callahan manages to slop on some outlandish grue to finish the mix with a ghoulish garnish that's all his own. Whether its his black/white linework or the pop culture-informed colored pieces, Callahan has succeeded in creating a world full of ridiculously tragic compositions filled to the brim with a cast of broken ghosts that have been given a new lease on life. Informed by Return of the Living Dead or Dead Alive (Brain Dead) as much as it is Geof Darrow, Callahan's work clearly displays an understanding of the humor within the horror.

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