Where have all the Monsters gone?

Once a staple of the Halloween season, AMC's MonsterFest has apparently become as played out as the rest of Hollywood's horror fare. It makes me sad to think that the Monsters have seemingly lost their scare power. Those inexhaustible spirits of celluloid who were among the first to frighten audiences around the globe, now backlogged to a 4:00am - 9:00am time slot while End of Days and Aliens 3 get primetime billing.

While they're not over-saturating viewers with endless repeats of the same Halloween sequels ad nauseum, the schedule comes across as random and unspirited in its selection of classical and retro haunts alike. Where is Night of the Demons? Creepshow? The Blob? Slither? Evil Dead? Not even a little Deadly Spawn? Its disheartening to say the least when a company like AMC give us as horror fans such a lifeless (ironically), modern banner as FearFest (see insert) to celebrate perhaps the greatest holiday ever (subjective, I know) when we could have something like this AMC Monsterfest pitch.

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