Printed Perversions: Wacky Witch

(image courtesy of Patrick Owsley)

Since the invention of the comic book medium in the 1930s there has grown an extensive catalog of forgotten or simply outdated heroic clich├ęs, unpragmatic villains and monsters that have lost their bite. Printed Perversions is a new column here at StrangeKidsClub, inspired by a recent trip to my local comic delicatessen, that will serve as a deep sea exploration of those comics that can be perceived as deviations from what is considered to average (be they classic or new).

I found Wacky Witch (shown above) by chance (perhaps fate) while browsing the shelves of the shop. It appeared before me in a random stack of other unorganized and tattered contextual souls and I just knew from its vintage use of flat colors and psychedelic title that I was chosen to reignite its story for the masses (overly dramatic much?). A property of the now-defunct Gold Key Comics, Wacky Witch is somewhat of a rotund, black-haired bumbling witch (yes, she predates Roseanne) whose misadventures in the kingdom of Dingaling (*snicker*) are often caused and solved by her magic spells alongside her pals: Greta Ghost and Batty Bat.

There's nothing spectacularly spooky about Wacky Witch, its clearly a comic for little kids, and the fact that they all speak in annoyingly dramatic Shakespearean monologues doesn't make the taste any less bitter. The character designs and names are equally mundane (the main villain is The Midnight Knight), but there was a haunted house and a horse-drawn carriage that spouted lightning. Overall its a buy-it-and-box-it, but for .25 cents that ain't bad.

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