(Re)Animations: Slaughterween

The quintessential element of every Halloween has to be a costume. I don't care how young, old or undead you are; on Halloween night everyone wears a costume. There's just something about the freedom of becoming someone or something else that instills a sense of juvenile abandon each of us. I mean what other holiday is it okay to dress up in all black and threaten to "suck tha blood" from Mrs. Flaberdash's left thigh? Or maybe you're more in the mood to get a little hairy howling at the moon while taking a crap on your neighbor's lawn? Its okay (?), cause its Halloween!

When it comes to costumes there are generally two groups: those who purchase their fright rags early and those who take a last minute gamble. Personally I find that waiting until the last week makes me more creative when it comes to designing my costume, but there are others who spend weeks (even months) stitching the perfect scare suit. Case in point is this gruesome ghoul (see insert)who stars in tonight's (Re)Animation entitled Slaughterween. Animated by Rory Cooke with music by The Brown Jam Fam, Slaughterween would be what would happen if Tim Burton had produced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to a Tool score. Nihilistic, frantic and creative the chaos crescendos in a happy ending from Hellraiser that sees the main character's creative costume efforts rewarded by the applause of a job well done.

Be sure to check out Cooke's portfolio for more twisted pixels of disturbing violence and emotional heartache.

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