(Re)Animations: Monsters in My Pocket

So what's small, scary, and can fit in the palm of your hand? Well... I guess there's a few things that could fall into that category, but tonight I'm talking about Monsters in My Pocket. Another product peddled to us during the early 1990s, these terrifyingly tiny toys have enjoyed a rather long and successful history that includes comic books, cereal box inserts, board games, trading cards, a video game, and even a Saturday morning cartoon.

Now although most of my childhood has either been sold off in yard sales or lost through childhood carelessness, I can still clearly remember the day I first received my first set of monsters (along with a radical Mighty Max mummy playset). My favorite by far has to be the Hunchback with the Ghost gaining a close second.

As a kid you tend to make up your own story behind each character but the actual premise apparently revolves around two factions of monsters (some good, some evil) who were inadvertently shrunk due to the mischievous scheming of Dracula Vampire as he attempted to escape Monster Mountain (also shooting them into Los Angeles(?). Its interesting to see which monsters were chosen to be evil and which ones were good. I have to give the writers credit for giving the Invisible Man some much deserved air time as leader of the "good guys" while penalizing them for making the Wolfman another "surfer-dude" stereotype. For shame (commencing Finger Wag of Mighty Doom)*.

For more check out part 2 and part 3 of the episode featured above.

*Finger Wag of Mighty Doom is neither "Mighty" or "Doomy." In fact, its not even my finger... :)

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