Bad Andy. Good Pizza.

Poor Andy. How many of you remember this cheeky little chimp-dog?

...anyone? Okay, for those of you who don't recall this mischievous Muppet, he was a short-lived mascot created by Deutsch Inc. and designed by the Jim Henson Company for Domino's Pizza in the 2000. In short, Andy was an employee(?) of Domino's that generally went around causing all sorts of havoc, providing his co-workers with ample opportunities to come behind him and exalt the virtues of what makes Dominio's Pizza so great. Unfortunately, Andy succeeded in creating more controversy than he sold pizzas and was given his pink slip in 2001.

Looking back its possible that Andy may have been an attempt to recapture the magic of Domino's previous mascot, The Noid, but fell short in both scope and success. Bad Andy. Good Pizza.

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