Creative Spotlight: Jonathan Ian Mathers

I don't care who you are, Jonathan Ian Mathers is one funny bastard and at the end of a day dealing with insanely stupid people that's all that matters. Mathers' topical brand of dark humor, which first began with a string of comic strips focused around 4Y-Records "about a surley record store clerk who deals with all sorts of idiotic customers. It's musical comedy for the musical snob in all of us."

Perhaps his best known creation though has to be Foamy Squirrel, his neurotic goth owner Germaine, and the rest of the hypocritical cast of Neurotically Yours, a Flash-based webtoon focusing on spotlighting the ills of society and corporate injustice. For a good laugh and some great insight, visit Mathers official site iLLWiLLPreSS and get ready to bust a blood vessel.

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