Head Games: Beast Busters

Short on story, big on action. That pretty much sums up the Beast Busters experience. An arcade-based First Person Shooter (or railgun), what little of Beast Busters plot that exists revolves around three gung-ho commandos: Johnny Justice, Paul Patriot and Sammy Stately who enter some unidentified city to rescue a female CIA agent. Looking back, its a little embarrassing to consider that even in 1989 women were labeled the "fair maiden" archetype.

The creativity behind the monster designs is pretty interesting, most notably in marketing materials such as this arcade flyer (see insert). Though it lacks any sense of horror or suspense, how could you not love gun-toting zombies, mad scientists, exploding piranha, ninja Jason-impersonators, or even a zombie werewolf? Now... let's go blow sh*t up.

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  1. rushton said...:

    Man, I wish we lived closer bro. FOR REAL. I wanna have an all nighter video game blast-o-rama! Susie and I broke down and decided to put up the Christmas tree last night HA HA! We figured it would help alleviate some of the stresses we've been confronting lately. Anyways, miss ya buddy. Hope all is well!

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    Same here, dude. It would be nice to get our Friday night frights back.

    I can't believe you guys put up the tree already, but I guess that is the point of the holiday right? Getting family closer to one another and bringing them hope.

  1. rushton said...:

    To be honest it didn't feel right. Susie actually put it up, not me. I got home after a long day (rainy weather, kids weren't on their medicine, etc) and not to mention I felt sick. When I pulled up to Kelly's house the glow of the lights caught my peripheral vision and I kinda did a double take. I dunno man...I guess since things have been so rough lately it made me feel warm and cozy. I wanted to wait until the day after Thanksgiving like we usually did when I was little (my mom is doing that this year so when I put our tree up over there it will feel more...appropriate). Anyways, I hope you're doing well man. If only Eli Roth would make THANKSGIVING so we can have more Thanksgiving horror films to overindulge in that would be WONDERFUL. I already have my Christmas horror flicks picked out.

    Well, take care bro. I'll call ya soon.

  1. ghostLAB.DS said...:

    That's cool and you're right, when you get to help your Mom after Thanksgiving it will feel more... traditional. I'm glad you're staying positive. Everything's good here, just insanely busy as the lack of blog posts can attest.

    As far as Roth, I don't know if we can wait any longer. We just might have to make one of our own. We'll call it... Thanksgiving on Tombstone Ave.

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