(Re)Animations: Clone High

It would seem that the producers of this offbeat and forgotten cartoon left Clone High in the genetic stew a little too long, granting it the misfortune of being born with two left feet. As funny as this series (produced by Nelvana and aired in the U.S. by MTV) could have been, it seemed incapable of doing anything except tripping over itself. For every interesting premise that would develop, there was an equally cliché genre in-joke or teen drama parody it managed to expunge from pop culture (the show aired one year after the inexhaustibly bad film, Not Another Teen Movie).

It's not entirely a wash-out as the character development was impressive (Ghandi as a gung-ho sidekick with a heart of gold, that's priceless) and the production value was superb. But even that has been speculated to have contributed to its downfall by protesters in India, who were offended by Ghandi's portrayal.

As usual this is another series that has been released only in Canada, with Warner Bros. sitting on the distribution rights for the U.S.

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  1. Glen said...:

    I think this show was absolutely amazing, I could never find any fault in it. I bought the Canadian DVD set from Amazon, as Canadian DVDs work in US region locked DVD players.

    I almost cry every time I watch the last episode, knowing that cliffhanger will never be resolved.

    I'd go far as to say that this was one of the best animated series of this decade. It's an amazing shame that it only got one season and flew so low under the radar.

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