A Cosmic Christmas

Chalk another on up for Nelvana as it seems old or new, the Canadian animation company can't miss. This time around we're taking a look at they're 1977 Christmas classic, A Cosmic Christmas.

Best described as Stars Wars meets A Christmas Carol, A Cosmic Christmas borrows heavily from the biblical Three Wise Men motif as three intergalactic travelers visit our world in search for the true meaning of the holiday. Upon their arrival the three aliens meet a young boy, Peter, and his pet goose Lucy (get it, Lucy Goosey) and together they experience the magic of Christmas.

Though it offers some sci-fi charm, the religious tones are hard to miss. If this doesn't offend you or seem forced, then A Cosmic Christmas should suit you fine. However, if you prefer the magic of Christmas more geared towards Santa than the Son of God, you should check out this little gem of holiday joy.

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