Creative Spotlight: Cluckie the Vampire

Video courtesy of Freakish Kid

Created by Budapest-based digital film studio, Freakish Kid, Cluckie the Vampire was produced as "a series of five, one minute episodes for Nickelodeon UK that aims capture the essence of the golden age of animation whilst updating it in a contemporary way for today’s audience."

Does it succeed? I would have say it does so rather well actually. With a unique premise that revolves around a vampire chicken who hunts other chickens by daylight (seeing as how they're locked up tight after dark), Cluckie's emphasis on physical gags channels such classics as Mel Blank's Wile E. Coyote or Sylvester J. Pussycat in their pursuit of feathered feasting.

The first episode (available above) showcases Cluckie's acrobatic sun-dodging abilities while the other installments each provide an entertaining (albeit short) glimpse into this fiendish foul's attempts at chicken-chomping glory and are well worth the 5 minutes it take to view. For all of the episodes and a really great look at Freakish Kid's Behind-the-Scenes artwork and process, visit their blogsite.

Thanks goes out to Cold Hard Flash for bringing them to my attention.

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