Creative Spotlight: Lumberjack's Wood Feast

This strange, quirky little video was produced by the team at BUCK to serve as their promotional video. Its especially impressive to see the level of detail that went into the background and character still, including the textures and shadow effects.

Among the multiple concepts comically crammed into the one-minute time frame, BUCK's video touches on 'deforestation, the rise of consumerism and its effect on social and economic growth.' Oh yeah, and there's a rainbow-pissing unicorn and some strange gutter snipes that drink it. Yeah.

Truth be told, this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to BUCK's zany sense of college humor which pervades their work. Another noteworthy entry is their Chegg spots, a series of Superjail-inspired shorts that depict college students rioting against overpriced book fees including one student who literally pays an arm and a leg and a dancing Ghandi.

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