Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

In one of the most WTF moments I've ever experienced in all my life, horror movie website Bloody-Disgusting has released this clip for the upcoming indie film entitled Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. The film is described as
a backwoods comedy of horrific errors in which two unsuspecting buddies, Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine), fall victim to the crazed machinations of a group of spring breakers who have mistaken them for backwoods killers. When Dale shelves his phobia of the opposite sex to rescue one of the college co-eds, Allison (Katrina Bowden), from drowning, all her friends mistake him for a bearded psychopath hauling their friend away to a shack in the middle of the woods. In trying to rescue their friend, the college co-eds continually off themselves one by one and Tucker and Dale try to figure out why these college kids are killing themselves all over Tucker’s property!

Word cannot compare, so just watch the clip.

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