It's coming...

... oh yes, and there will be four fur-filled days counting down until the beast is set free. Make sure to bring your silver cane and lock of wolfsbane.

As primarily a creature of fiction, there exist a plethora of myths and legends that surround The Wolfman and yet there are a select few tidbits that have remained consistent. One of which remain the infamous transformation sequence. For some films, there are strict guidelines that the wolfen can only transform under the pall of a full moon, while more modern interpretations suggest that strong emotions can act as a catalyst for the change.

Luckily, there are others online, such as YouTube user jumpjacks who share our morbid curiosities and have taken the liberty to cull together quite a collection of transformations that run the entire gamut from out right funny to soul-puncturing terrifying. Check them all out above and look out tomorrow for even more werewolf-inspired tributes.


  1. AH!!!! I'm so excited!!! My mom was telling me about how she remembers seeing all of the old Universal Horror films when she was growing up. It's so neat to hear those stories from the ones who experienced it first hand ya know? Just finished posting a little sermfin sermfin about Howling V in honor of the Wolfman remake. I figured I'd cover something a little more obscure.

  1. Don't forget Gary Brandner's concept that Lycanthropes are basically Shape-Shifters who do not necessarily need lunar influences to transform, just their own conscious ability to do so. Fast forward to Dick Miller's speech about Shape-Shifters near the end of THE HOWLING. It's quite humorous as well. LONG LIVE MR. FUTTERMAN!!

  1. :)

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Thanks for the link, it was an awesome write up of Bradbury's classic The Halloween Tree. To be honest, I don't think that I've ever actually read the book, but the art looks amazing.

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