Trailer Terrors: Werewolf Women of the S.S.

In an attempt to give Rob Zombie the some much needed cred, I sought out this trailer concept for the latent Grindhouse movie, thinking it would [perhaps] make a freaking kick-ass film. And to be honest, its as pretty insane as I remember it to be. Filled to the brim with gore, nudity and genre cameos aplenty, Werewolf Women of the S.S. contains all the right elements to make it a cult classic. An added bonus? It's not another Hollywood remake.


  1. now THIS is Zombie on top of his game son! I wish he'd snap back into reality and write a script for this movie. One can only hope.

    In other news I just posted a Victor and Boris comic. Chex it outs folk.

  1. Dude,

    Check out the art of R.S. Connett

    Put Giger, Bosch and Bacon (the painter not the food) into a blender and throw some bubblegum in their to sweeten the mix and you've got Connett's work. It's very pop-surreal but quirky in its own macabre ways.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    No kidding, that's some primo work! Even manages to pull in some Barker in a few pieces. Thanks for sharing, this one is definitely going into the bookmarks.

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