Monster Maker: Ed Roth

To be honest I've never really gotten into the whole hot rod, street race scene. I have enough trouble keeping my own car running properly without obsessing over what color the flames on my hood are or what the difference between torque and horsepower is (though I don't have anything against those that do). And while I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into building one of these "beasts of the bend," my tastes run closer to the monstrosities who pilot these diabolical death machines, specifically the band of fuel-injected figures created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

Roth's cracked-up creations, which includes the infamous Rat Fink character among others, seems to have both been inspired and contributed to the E.C. Comics style of counterculture and illustrative finesse. Its crazy when you think about it just how marketable Roth's cooky characters became, from comic books to miniature car sets and everything in between, Rat Fink and his comrades have crept their way into the subconscious minds of an entire generation. And though Roth may no longer be among us, his remaining band of beastly grotesqueries continue to run roughshod over our imaginations.


  1. Mr. Zombie was definitely a fan of this guy! Great entry my good friend.

  1. p.s. Man, you gotta love that ink work!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Oh, hell yeah, reminds me of your work a little. Its getting me geared up for some serious Hobgoblin terror throwdown.

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