WayBack Machine Presents: The Hitchhiker (The Series)

A new feature on the blog, the WayBack Machine Presents highlights pop cultures lesser horrific memories such as today's topic: The Hitchhiker (1984) tv series from HBO. Created in 1984, The Hitchhiker series predates both Tales from the Crypt (1989) as HBO's premiere anthology and most likely paved the way for future cable programming.

The plot, which focused on a mysterious drifter who catches a ride with whoever will pick him up only to witness some moralistic fate unfold, was vague enough to merit multiple episodes and earned it several awards for Bests in Dramatic Series. Most of the honors, though, go to the A-list of actor talent that permeated the early broadcats including: Kirstie Alley, Sandra Bernhard, Karen Black, Robert Vaughn, Margot Kidder, and Gary Busey among others.

The music is another highlight with a chilling intro by composer Michel Rubini that still to this day provokes a goose pimple or too. So much more effective than Joe Harnell's melodramatic score on the The Incredible Hulk tv series. All in all, its a series that despite its dated feel can still teach us a lesson or two on the humility of mankind. So just be careful who you choose to travel with as you just may become another grim fairytale and– oh yeah, going my way?


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