Trailer Terrors: Valentine

Something for all you love birds out there...


  1. Lord....lord lord lord this terrible terrible movie still exists?! I find it interesting that almost nobody gave a nod to MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D or the original this past Valentines Day. I guess it's the go to movie for that holiday like Carpenter's Halloween is on well...Halloween. Apparently there is another good one out there called Hospital Massacre. Maybe we should write one and call it "GIVE ME BACK MY SMARTY'S BEYATCH!" or "BE MINE OR ELSE!!!"
    I could totally see a trilogy in the 80's called:
    "BE MINE OR ELSE part II: Die Again!"
    "BE MINE OR ELSE part III: Why Won't You Just Die?!"

    and the respectable remake in all our modernity will be called something pretentious like:


  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha, I just figured that My Bloody Valentine was just too obvious of a choice. For some reason Valentine just got stuck in my head. Never heard of Hospital Massacre, though, I'll have to see if I can check it out on YouTube.

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