Trailer Terrors: Monster in the Closet (1987)

"DESTROY ALL CLOSESTS!" I knew growing up that there had to be some other reason to fear the closet than some creepy clown named Pennywise and gosh darn it if Troma hasn't proven me right with Monster in the Closet.

Just look at those...silly, rubber teeth? And that gross... hand puppet demon? Well, okay, so Monster in the Closet isn't the scariest movie in the world, nor is it intended to be. Right for the opening scene in the trailer, its plain to see that what Troma has created here is more of a comedy spoof than the next great horror movie monster and though I haven't had the pleasure to see it myself, the reviews on Amazon seem pretty favorable. If only it wasn't out of print I'd say it'd make for a fun Saturday popcorn flick rental.


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