Cartoon Funland Goes Live!

Over the past few weeks I have feverishly been collaborating with a certain fiendishly clever imp known as Von Kreep in preparation for a complete rehaul of his Cartoon Funland website. Cartoon Funland's mission, as described by Von Kreep,
is to showcase and celebrate animation artists past and present from all over the globe, and to foster a vibrant and sustainable animation community. We seek to discover new talent, and help push the envelope with already established talent into a never before seen direction.

In short, its a hub for all things fun that'll feature industry interviews with animation professionals, film stars, voice actors and tons of independent short films. All in all, I am very proud with how this first phase of CF turned out and am very thankful to have been made a part of it. Changes and updates will be forthcoming from this point on, so look forward to a landslide of exciting, hand-crafted entertainment. Go ahead, indulge your inner child.


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