Creative Spotlight: Craoman

Somewhere between Garbage Pail Kids and that wad of gum you used to find beneath your desk at school lies the work of French-born illustrator known only as Craoman.

Filled to the brim with depictions of inhuman grotesqueries that are "seemingly" ignorant of their distended and misshapen anatomies, Craoman's blog is a smorgasbord of offbeat couture. From band flyers to plush toys and beyond, Craoman's talent would seem to lie in his ability to diversify, which unabashedly showcases a lack of restriction in regard to his subject matter.

Regardless of the medium he uses, Craoman'a work grants us an uncensored look into the inherent foibles of both man and animal, often blurring the distinction between the two. Through Craoman's eyes it would seem that the entire universe is a chaotic, living organism upon which we are the unmindful tumors of its decay.

For more of Craoman's work, check out his blog or flip through his sketchbook.


  1. Very intense! Loved the sketchbook! Reminds me a lot of Anders Nilsen. Thanks for posting this!

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