Creative Spotlight: Second Wind

Directed by Ian Worrel in 2008 as a student film during his time at CalArts, Second Wind is one of those unique short films that offers the viewer a small glimpse into a carefully hand-crafted world that challenges the production values of much larger films. Illustrating the line animation for the characters by hand using pencil and paper, Worrel states that he then colored those in Photoshop and digitally composited everything After Effects onto backgrounds also constructed out of various media (pen/ink, pencil, paint, photos, etc.)

The result is nonetheless astounding and a pure joy to watch also due in no small part to the understated soundtrack composed by Worrel's friend, James Mark. The narrative carries some excellent metaphor, pacing and a true emphasis on character development that is beautifully rendered in the interaction between the old man and the cat. If you like this short, be sure to check out Worrel's other work entitled Icarus & the Tree Herder on Vimeo.


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