Freaknik: The Musical

As someone who resided in Atlanta for a number of years I'm not usually excited about the special brand of stupidity and ignorant disregard for public safety that Freaknik inspires, but as an animated musical that I can watch from the comfort of my own home the concept has got promise. Taking into consideration its a production of the already unscrewed minds at Adult Swim, Freaknik: The Musical is looking to make its mark with an impressive breadth of talent from the rap genre including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog and T-Pain (co-producer alongside Carl Jones) as the voice of titular character Ghost of Freaknik Past.

While I enjoy a good beat as much as the next guy, saying that I'm a fan of rap would be an outright lie. However, much to its benefit, Freaknik: The Muscial looks to be more than just style over substance with an interesting plot that involves three rap stars in search of Freaknik (or at least its ghost) during which zany adventures are certain to ensue. Did I mention that its also animated by Titmouse, Inc., the same studio responsible for Metalocalypse and G4's Slasher School? Well, it is.

Freaknik: The Musical premieres tomorrow night, March 7at 11pm.


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