Draw-Off Dreadfuls: Hobgoblins

Ok, so let me begin by admitting to you that this was initially supposed to go up yesterday, but better late than never.

Anyway my good friend, and fellow artist, Elliot McHugh and I have decided to motivate the gelatinous cortex we call our brains into producing more work by kicking off a weekly "draw-off" of sorts centered around a common theme or element which I have decided to dub Draw-Off Dreadfuls.

This past week's theme came to us courtesy of Rick Sloane's woefully misleading 1988 schlock-fest of a film called Hobgoblins (see trailer above). Apparently an attempt to cash in on the success of the more popular puppet horror films (Gremlins and Critters) that came before it, Hobgoblins fails to deliver either the Troma-esque comedic pacing or the serious suspense of Joe Dante's demonic hairballs from Hell. Trust me, its bad.

You can see my draw-off entry (see insert top) above as well as Elliot's uniquely inspired take on the plush-stuffed pushovers on his blog.


  1. Dude! I love it! You've been really busy this week with some VERY important stuff so no worries bra! We've got plenty more entries for you to whoop my thorned buttox! I love the entry otherwise and can't wait to see more!! Thanks for those mad props for the Ghosts of Birds link! I'll give you a call later today!

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